FAQs for Parents


1.   BE POSITIVE on the sidelines. Fans cheer. Coaches coach.
2.  FUN — not winning — is everything.
3.  RESPECT the volunteers, especially referees and coaches.
4.  No Drop-offs: parents are not permitted to drop off kids for practice and leave.
5.  Players must stay with their coach; they cannot leave games or practice without the coach’s permission. 
6.  Players must wear shin guards to every game and practice.
7.  Players may not wear jewelry, earrings, watches, hats with brims, or any type of cast or splint.
8.  Show up for games at least 20 minutes early.
9.  Help set-up or take down goals if you have the first or last game.
10. Water is all that is necessary at halftime.  No snacks until end of game.  No snacks on the turf.
1.1. No smoking. No Dogs.
12. No swearing, geez!


Practices for U7 and older are MANDATORY.  If you cannot commit to regularly taking your child to practice, then please do NOT register them.

Most teams (U7-U12) will practice on Mondays.  Generally, U7 and U8 practice from 6-7pm, and U10 and above practice from 7-8pm.  Your coach will notify you on Opening Day or shortly thereafter. U6 teams practice during the first 30 minutes of their scheduled game hour.  U14 and U19 practices will be arranged by their coach.

What is the commitment?

Soccer is a team game.  It is difficult for a coach to run an effective practice without having full and consistent player attendance, and it is even more difficult for a team to play a game without full player participation.  This is one of the reasons why practices for U7 and above are MANDATORY.  Coaches will be closely monitoring attendance.  If you cannot commit yourself and your child(ren) to making a one-hour practice and a one-hour game every week, then please consider signing them up another season when your schedule allows.  There are many eager kids on our waitlist who would love to be playing.  Thank you in advance for your consideration and cooperation on this front.

How do I register My chlid?

Click on Blue Sombrero.

How do I pay?

You make your payment during the registration process in Blue Sombrero.  You must pay before your child is permitted to play.  For payment inquiries, email Treasurer Peter Kos at treasurer@gwysl.org

Weather Policy


Weather is a factor for our league. The members of the board are required to make judgment calls whether to allow play in the event of inclement weather. Game cancellations are based on a number of factors such as the intensity of the rain and/or wind, actual temperatures, "feels like" temperatures, and conditions on the field.  

Like weather forecasters, we don't always get it right, but we try our best. We all want our kids to have fun, and play in a safe environment. We do play in the rain and the cold and the snow, and kids have a great time doing this, so please don't assume games are cancelled if you see rain or snow or if it seems particularly cold.

We will do our best update the front page of our website with news about game cancellations 1 hour prior to game time, but for real-time weather and cancellation updates, follow us on Twitter @GWYSL4kicks  

Whereas in the past, cancellations were made in 2 hour blocks, we have moved away from this policy to allow for changing weather conditions (quickly passing storms).  Please Note: once a game has been CANCELLED, it will remain cancelled even if the weather changes.  Additionally:

  • Cancellations are made by league board members or designated officials ONLY. Coaches are not responsible for making game decisions regarding weather, EXCEPT in the case of lightning. Coaches DO make decisions regarding practice.

  • In the event of LIGHTNING, all players MUST IMMEDIATELY CLEAR THE FIELD and seek safe shelter. There must be a period of at least 30 minutes with no lightning sightings before players may return to the field.

  • In the event of changing weather conditions, the game's REFEREE may postpone or cancel play; the referee will usually consult both coaches in this decision, except in cases of lightning.

  • In the event of heavy rain in the forecast, or snow, we may cancel the entire day; this will likely be done early morning on Saturday, unless the forecasted weather is so bad that we can cancel in good faith on Friday night.

Cold Weather Guidelines

In the colder weather it’s okay for players to have long sleeves, stockings, or sweatpants underneath but not over their uniforms. Team shirts, shorts, and socks (useful for identification of last to touch the ball) must be visible and worn over any other clothing. Gloves must be all fabric (no hard bits). Close-fitting cloth caps with no bobbles, brims, or dangling strings are permitted. All other hats, hoods or hoodies (worn or unworn), and scarfs are not permitted. Rather than wearing a lot of extra clothing, it’s often preferable for players to have easy on/off clothing available that they can add or remove as they come on or off the pitch.

An annual "Membership Year (MY)" NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $20.00 is transferred directly from your payment to AYSO National; this happens only once per MY (Fall-->Spring).  Our base fee will remain $105.00/season for Fall 2019 and Spring 2020.


Any time a player drops out of GWYSL, there is a significant disruption to the league -- it can create a real stress from an administrative standpoint, as well as to the chemistry of the team.  Consequently, we ask that you sign up your child(ren) ONLY if you are committed to participating in all games and practices.

We ask that you register your child(ren) ONLY if you are committed to having them participate in all games and practices.  Please consider scheduling conflicts before registering. 

If your circumstances unexpectedly change and you must take your child(ren) out of the league, here is our new refund policy.

* There is NO refund of the annual $20.00 fee.  This fee is processed directly with AYSO and cannot be refunded or transferred to another year after it has been processed.

- If you drop prior to the end of registration, July 30, then you will receive a full refund (100%) of the $105.00/child.
- If you drop after July, but before Opening Day, September 7, then you will receive a partial refund (75%).
- If you drop after September, and return the uniform(s), then you will receive a partial refund (50%).


NOTE: U stands for UNDER so, for example, a 7 year old kid is UNDER 8.

AGE-DIVISION GUIDE -- use the following information to match your child's BIRTH YEAR with the DIVISION they will be placed in for the FALL 2019 season.   Age verification will be required for U-5 and U-6 divisions.

2001 – 2005 : U19

2006 – 2007 : U14

2008 – 2009 : U12

2010 – 2011 : U10

2012 : U8

 2013 : U7

 2014 : U6

 2015 : U5

U5 - This is called the Jamboree. parents are involved with one coach leading the parents. The focus is on fun, and individual skills development. There are no organized games but there is a scrimmage at the end. There are no goalkeepers!

U6 -  1/2 of the time is spent on individual skill development, and 1/2 half of the time is spent on a game of 3 field players per team.

U7  - 5 field players per team, no goalkeeper. Saturday is game day at your allotted time. There is one mandatory practice during the week on Monday night, or as otherwise arranged by the coach. 

U8 - 5 field players per team, no goalkeeper. Saturday is game day at your allotted time. There is one mandatory practice during the week on Monday night, or as otherwise arranged by the coach. 

U10 - 6 field players per team and one goalkeeper per team. Saturday is game day at your allotted time. There is one mandatory practice during the week  on Monday night, or as otherwise arranged by the coach. 


Once available, the FALL 2019 Season Schedules can be found through your child/player's tab in Blue Sombrero.  You must login to your Blue Sombrero account. 


In Fall 2019, all games will be at Bushwick Inlet Park (BIP) and McCarren Park for U5 through U12. Games for U14 and U19 TBA.


In the recent past, there was a terribly sad accident where a young boy from an AYSO league in Brooklyn was struck and killed by a car.  Though we now have traffic lights just outside the entrance to BIP,  vehicles and bikes still pose a risk.

Remind your children, remind your coaches and fellow parents: keep your soccer ball in a bag, not in your hands, and not in your child's hands, until you get to the park. Don't kick it anywhere near Kent Avenue. It's just not safe.

Will someone tell me where to go and what to bring?

Yes. Your coach will reach out to you before the start of the season. You should also login once the schedules are released to see your team. Memorize your division and team number (ie. U8 team 2). Read the equipment section below. 

Can my child be placed on the same team as a friend?

Generally, no. We cannot accommodate these kinds of requests unfortunately as there are 700+ children in the league.

When are practices held?

One mandatory practice per week is held for U7 and above, during the week, at Bushwick Inlet Park and McCarren Park. The specific practice day and time will be confirmed by your coach.

Are there tryouts?

There are no tryouts. Anyone who registers can play, unless we are at our capacity for field space. Read more about AYSO and the philosophy in our "About" section.

Is there any special equipment required?

We will provide a uniform, including jersey, shorts, and socks.  Shin guards are mandatory, and go under the socks. Youth shin guards are available on Amazon, Soccer.com or from your local sports store. Absolutely no earrings earrings or taped-over earrings allowed.

What about cleats? We do not recommend hard cleats, but suggest instead cleats with rubber soles (commonly referred to as turf shoes). Cleats that have hard nubs are made for muddy, soft grass, so that you can dig in and really accelerate around a defender (neither of which applies to our fields in Brooklyn or your eight your old). Buy turf shoes on Soccer.com. The turf at Bushwick Inlet is actually quite hard and is synthetic. 

What about water? Bring a water bottle. Lots of it. It's hot in the fall and spring.

What size of ball do I need and where should I get it?

U5, U6, U7, U8 - size 3

U10, U12 - size 4

Buy them on Soccer.com or Amazon.com or at your local sports store.


Where do WE play?

U5 - U12 games are held in Bushwick Inlet Park, Williamsburg and McCarren Park in Greenpoint.
The specific field layout is released here closer to the beginning of the season.
U14 and U19 play at TBA.

Bushwick Inlet Park

86 Kent Avenue