2018 Fall GWYSL Fields & Equipment Instructions (U7/U8)

These instructions contain all the information you will need to satisfy your Fields & Equipment responsibilities. Should you have any questions on these instructions please email fields@gwysl.org or call Matthew 917 880 0018.

Thank you for your participation in our all-volunteer league!

First of all, what is “The Shed”?

As you enter the gates at BIP there are gray doors on the wall to your right (opposite the dog park and before you reach the bike racks). This is the “shed” that holds all of our gear. Inside of the shed and to the right is the all of the GWYSL equipment. Each type of gear is labelled with a sign for ease of reference:

Flags and COnes.PNG

Someone should always be there to open the shed before any of the game times. If it is locked call Matthew Chin (917 880 0018).

Included in these instructions:

Fields & Equipment Assignment Schedule

As discussed on Opening Day, the fields at BIP will need to be set-up/changed-over/broken-down over the course of any given Saturday. One team from each division has been identified for each time-slot. The schedule is included in this packet.

Detailed Instructions

For each assigned Fields & Equipment time-slot there are step-by-step instructions on what needs to happen.

Field Map

Attached is a map that shows how the field at BIP will be set up over the course of the day. You can refer to these to see what field you are supposed to be playing on each week and also what fields need to be set-up or broken-down for Fields & Equipment duties.

Individual Field Setup

Attached are diagrams showing you how the field is to be set-up for each division. These should be attached to the storage bags for the goals but sometimes they get separated so you can reference these.

Goal Instructions

Attached are instructions for assembling the goals. These should be attached to the storage bags for the goals but sometimes they get separated so you can reference these.

Fields & Equipment Assignment Schedule



9:30am – Setup for 10am games

(NOTE: There will be U7/8 and U10/12 parents all on the field working on setup. Below is the gear list needed for the U7/8 fields.)

In the shed on the right hand side and in front of you along the metal cage is the GWYSL gear.

1.         There is a large metal cart in the shed that has “GWYSL” written on the side of it in black market. Load the following gear on the cart and carry it down to the field:

6 X 10 foot goals (black bags with blue tags)

18 X Orange traffic cones

12 X Red flags

12 X Black rubber flag bases

12 X Sandbags

2.         Once you get the gear to the soccer field, look at the map that is attached to the cart or refer to the field map in this packet. The map will indicate what gear goes to which field.

3.         Once you get the gear to the appropriate fields, you can refer to (A) the Individual Field Setup diagram and (B) the Instructions for 8 foot goals, both found at the end of this packet. Assemble the goals and set up the field according to the diagram.

4.         After moving all the gear, leave the cart out on the field. Ideally it should be placed in the corner of the field closest to the playground and closest to the dog park.

5.         You’re done, THANK YOU!


2:55pm – Breakdown after 2pm games

Games must end promptly at 2:55pm and you need to move quickly to clear the field. The U10/12 teams need to start their games promptly at 3pm.

1.         Break down the six goals for all U7/8 fields (U7/8 East, U7/8 Center, and U7/8 West). NOTE: all the orange traffic cones and all the sandbags will be left on the field for the U10/12 games. Move the goals off the field and break them down on the sidelines to save time.

2.         Carry all 6 goals from U7/8 fields from the field to the shed. Inside the shed the goals need to be placed on the right hand side on the gray metal rack.

3.         You’re done, THANK YOU!

Field Map


Individual Field Setup (U6)

Individual Field Setup (U78).jpg

Instructions for 10 foot goals (stored in bag w/BLUE tags)

Instructions for 10 foot goals.jpg