Occupy Bushwick Inlet - August 9

OCCUPY the INLET!!! The event will be held on Sunday August 9th 12:30 to 2:00.

On Sunday August 9th — Come by land or water to help occupy the perimeter of the 28-acre park that was promised by the city to the Williamsburg/Greenpoint community in 2005 and is now threatened by imminent sale to developers. This last remaining open space in North Brooklyn is too precious to lose. Occupy it with us!

After the recent fire in January at the CitiStorage warehouse, the community's fight has been re-ignited by the imminent sale of the 11-acre CitiStorage property to developers who want to build a shopping mall and residential skyscrapers in the core of the promised park. In an effort to raise community awareness and interest in this fight, Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park is organizing an “OCCUPY the INLET” event that will take place Sunday, August 9th from 12:30 to 2:00. 

By land and by river, residents of North Brooklyn and members of local boat clubs will circle the 28 acres of proposed park space on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint waterfront. Kayaks and canoes adorned with signs and flags will occupy the actual Bushwick Inlet and continue south towards the Bushwick Inlet Park soccer field. Families and residents, by land, will weave caution tape through the barbed wire fences from the water’s edge at N. 9th st., up to Kent ave., and northward to N. 15th st. to mark the boundary of the promised 28 acre park. People by land will be flying kites and will attempt, by holding hands, to create a human-chain surrounding the exact boarder to gain local attention. Additionally, drones will be flying overhead to capture the multi-colored boats, caution tape, and kites, making it clear where the promised 28 acre park is supposed to be. 

The health, quality of life, and the future of north Brooklyn all depend on the attention and participation of local residents. Be a part of this wild event!