Rally & Block Party - May 16

Take that amazing energy we saw at the FLASHMOB and come to the MEGA RALLY this Saturday, May 16th 12 - 1 pm   N 12th and Kent Ave.  (There will be another drone!)

This may be our last chance to show how much we need the full 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park.  The property to the north may be bought privately—for a Mall.  We need to show the City, WE NEED OUR PARK! 

Yes, everyone has games.  So, before your game, come early to block party, or go after your game.  Tell your friends to come.  Show our elected officials at the 12 noon Rally how much your KIDS need OUR PARK.

Sign the Petition:  Bill de Blasio: Complete Bushwick Inlet Park
For More Info www.bushwickinletpark.org