Occupy Bushwick Inlet - August 9

OCCUPY the INLET!!! The event will be held on Sunday August 9th 12:30 to 2:00.

On Sunday August 9th — Come by land or water to help occupy the perimeter of the 28-acre park that was promised by the city to the Williamsburg/Greenpoint community in 2005 and is now threatened by imminent sale to developers. This last remaining open space in North Brooklyn is too precious to lose. Occupy it with us!

After the recent fire in January at the CitiStorage warehouse, the community's fight has been re-ignited by the imminent sale of the 11-acre CitiStorage property to developers who want to build a shopping mall and residential skyscrapers in the core of the promised park. In an effort to raise community awareness and interest in this fight, Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park is organizing an “OCCUPY the INLET” event that will take place Sunday, August 9th from 12:30 to 2:00. 

By land and by river, residents of North Brooklyn and members of local boat clubs will circle the 28 acres of proposed park space on the Williamsburg/Greenpoint waterfront. Kayaks and canoes adorned with signs and flags will occupy the actual Bushwick Inlet and continue south towards the Bushwick Inlet Park soccer field. Families and residents, by land, will weave caution tape through the barbed wire fences from the water’s edge at N. 9th st., up to Kent ave., and northward to N. 15th st. to mark the boundary of the promised 28 acre park. People by land will be flying kites and will attempt, by holding hands, to create a human-chain surrounding the exact boarder to gain local attention. Additionally, drones will be flying overhead to capture the multi-colored boats, caution tape, and kites, making it clear where the promised 28 acre park is supposed to be. 

The health, quality of life, and the future of north Brooklyn all depend on the attention and participation of local residents. Be a part of this wild event!




Rally & Block Party - May 16

Take that amazing energy we saw at the FLASHMOB and come to the MEGA RALLY this Saturday, May 16th 12 - 1 pm   N 12th and Kent Ave.  (There will be another drone!)

This may be our last chance to show how much we need the full 28-acre Bushwick Inlet Park.  The property to the north may be bought privately—for a Mall.  We need to show the City, WE NEED OUR PARK! 

Yes, everyone has games.  So, before your game, come early to block party, or go after your game.  Tell your friends to come.  Show our elected officials at the 12 noon Rally how much your KIDS need OUR PARK.

Sign the Petition:  Bill de Blasio: Complete Bushwick Inlet Park
For More Info www.bushwickinletpark.org 


GWYSL and Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park (FBIP) teamed together for the first ever “Where’s our Park?” FLASH MOB on May 4.

We rallied our kids and parents on the field to form a big question mark, as in "Where's Our Park?" to raise awareness for the campaign to expand Bushwick Inlet Park. 
This is part of a community-wide campaign to push the city to keep its decade-old commitment to the residents of Greenpoint/Williamsburg for a 28 acre waterfront park due to the rezoning in 2005. As the largest youth sports organization (and growing) in North Brooklyn, our involvement in this effort is integral as we are in dire need of more park space!

You can learn more about the campaign here: http://www.bushwickinletpark.org/


Please join GWYSL and 500+ other neighbors and community groups to RALLY on the steps of City Hall, this coming Thursday March 12, 1-2pm.

Here's the story:
Did you know that the land where our BIP soccer field now sits used to be an Enterprise Rental Car lot? 

If the community had sat idly by, there would be no soccer field, and not any kind of open space. With community engagement, great things happen.
In 2005 as part of the changes in Williamsburg, the mayor promised park front on the river all the way to Bushwick Inlet. 
Instead, a ten year long, ridiculous and frustrating saga finds that promise is unfulfilled. 
We need a massive and unrelenting community showing in support of a 28-acre park along North Brooklyn’s waterfront, promised to our community by the city in 2005. 

Without a strong community showing, the new park will not happen.

Here’s all you need to know, including a toolkit of materials to help spread the message:  www.bushwickinletpark.org
And here is the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Friends-of-Bushwick-Inlet-Park/62106567605

Support Another Field in Greenpoint - Jan. 8

Our league has grown over the last few years and we have not been able  to keep up with demand due to lack of fields for games and practices. Our kids need more space to play soccer and one more field would make sure that we can accommodate every player in our growing community.

Box Street Park (see map below) has been identified as a possible new soccer field but we need your help in letting the Parks Dept. know that this plan should move forward. 

Please come out and show your support. 
WHAT:  Box Street and Newtown Barge Park at Community Board #1 Parks Committee Meeting (Box Street Park possible soccer field location.)
WHEN: Thurs., January 8th, 6:30 pm
WHERE: Dupont Senior Citizen Housing conference room: 80 Dupont Street, between Franklin and Manhattan Ave, entrance on Eagle St. Map here

The official meeting notice can be found here.